Mr. Vegas: “I have not enjoyed my career, none at all”

Dancehall star Mr. Vegas is coming under scrutiny for some shocking statements he made recently.

During an interview with Irie FM’s entertainment buzz, Mr. Vegas said he has not enjoyed his sixteen years in dancehall “none at all.”

“Every artiste you see out there, there is just times when the whole difficulty a di business get to yo, yo just want to pack up tent,” Mr. Vegas reasoned.

“For the first time in my life I enjoy playing back something I did, this reggae album, because i have not enjoyed… maybe “I Am Bless” is an exception. I have not enjoyed my career, none at all. Because the dancehall side becomes more of a hustling than it is a career,” he added.

Do you think Mr. Vegas should be more grateful for his career as a musician?


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