Popcaan happy with career progress, yet to visit Kartel in jail

Emerging Dancehall superstar, Andre Sutherland, more popularly known as Popcaan, insists he’ll become the proverbial flag bearer for the Portmore Empire despite his mentor’s incarceration on murder and drug-related charges.

Since his arrest on September 29 in New Kingston, Portmore Empire leader, Vybz Kartel has been slapped with two murder charges stemming from incidents occurring this past summer. Additionally, Assistance Commissioner of Police, Ealan Powell, intimated that more murder charges could be issued against Kartel; darkening an already large cloud over Kartel’s career and the future of the Portmore Empire.

With fellow Empire member, Shawn Storm also behind bars on a murder charge, Popcaan and fellow members of Gaza group are disheartened regarding the startling allegations. However, the Ravin deejay, who’s been hailed by some Dancehall observers as the most improved artiste in 2011, told TVJ’s Entertainment Reports that he’ll bear the responsibility of leading the Empire while lifting sulking Gaza fans.

“Is a time when Gaza fans down, but yuh haffi try keep dem heads up,” Popcaan said.

Additionally, Popcaan insisted that his recent surge within Dancehall comes as a result of a change in approach.

“Mi forward wid a different sound and a different style. At di end of the day Popcaan formula is new style, new swagga, new sound,”Popcaan explained.

“U haffi have a signature sound and signature image.”

Meanwhile, Popcaan addressed his status with the Portmore Empire as a result of Vybz Kartel’s legal troubles, the breakthrough deejay insisted he’d remain loyal to the group. Additionally, Popcaan remains unfazed despite police raids and inquiries in the Gaza as well as his affiliation with Kartel.

“Well yuh dun kno, pressure a go reach mi automatically, but certain tings inna life, yuh haffi kno weh yah do..at di end a di day, we a see wah a go happen. Vybz Kartel a di man fi di Gaza,”Popcaan stated.

However, when asked by ER’s Anthony Miller if he’s maintained contact with Kartel since his arrest, Popcaan revealed that he’s yet to talk to the Empire leader since.

“No, not really in touch with Kartel,”Popcaan said.

Additionally, Popcaan claimed that he needs to learn to fend for himself in Kartel’s absence; using the profit and acclaim he’s earned in recent months to fund his career.

Popcaan plans to unveil the music video for his chart-topping single, Only Man She Want in the coming weeks, his second #1 hit since the year started, alongside Ravin. His latest single, Naughty Girl, produced by U.I.M Records, was released last week.


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