RDX Responds to “Steal Song Accusations”

In light of recent accusations made by a recording artiste and its label which led to an article being published in the Jamaica Star on Monday, January 15th, 2013. I Shuzzr, publicist for the duo RDX felt if necessary to comment on the issue formally on behalf of the duo. 

Since the release of the single “Kotch’ produced by Cashflow Records which has received over 7500 views on Youtube, neither the recording artiste and its label by extension have expressed their concerns through the various formal channels at their disposal. Whilst the concept may seem to bare some far-fetched similarities, its development and conception had nothing to bare on materials sent or produced by any other artiste or label. RDX versatility speaks volume, as we’ve seen the constant successes and accomplishment being attained.

The duo is well known for their creativity within the industry, as they have produced successful rhythms (riddims) and written materials (lyrics) for other artiste. With hit singles such as ‘JUMP’, ‘BROAD OUT’ BEND OVA’ amongst many other, the duo have represented for Jamaica on several fronts, touring Europe and other parts of the world constantly, staying on top of the charts, recording, producing and keeping fans entertained and enemies confused.

RDX and its team have been busy enjoying the benefits of their successes, whilst planning and strategizing as to how we can achieve even more. We’ve held ourselves to high standards in this music industry and even encouraged our peers, those who aspire to become artiste themselves or otherwise – the single ‘Shining Star’ speaks volume to that.

We find the accusations baseless and would like to make it clear that we will not fuel these underhanded cheap tactics by an unknown artiste and/or label to gain some form popularity.

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