Statement from Mavrick Records about allegations from Lutan Fyah last month

Statement from Mavrick Records

This statement is to address all media and blogs. Because of persistent rumors I’m now force to set the record straight. I will not be making any further statements or comment on these rumors and false allegations.

LUTAN FYAH – Late January of 2011, i was approach by LUTAN FYAH and a guy who was a friend at the time, wanting me to structure and fix his (lutan fyah) staggering career; because he has seen and was told about my ingenious abilities to market artistes to promoters, labels, booking agents and reggae/dancehall fans around the world. At the time i was hesitant to work with him being his attitude and ignorance but, i still allowed myself to be convinced to work with them being that Lutan and I grew up in the same area; and i know his struggles to become an artist he now is.  Right away, I started to shape his image with a new photo-shoot, biography updates, magazine feature/covers, tv and radio interviews. I set up Facebook and twitter accounts (which he had the passwords for) this was to make it easy to promote his music and for people interested to contact him because it seems as if he was the only artiste not on social media, which I found weird. Here is an article issued in the Jamaican Star with Lutan Fyah and another person in dispute that he gave his Facebook and twitter passwords. .

LUTAN FYAH BEING SCAMMED– On August 14th an article was issued in the Jamaica star with lutan fyah claiming he’s being targeted by scammers.

Here is the link to the article:

From the day I’ve been working with Lutan Fyah he have been aware of EVERY SINGLE THING I’ve been doing with his name and career. He has never paid me, not one time. I was only taking my percentage from all of what I have brought to him; which includes shows he did locally and in Africa; also collaborated features he did with international artistes, which I implemented. Lutan Fyah have been going around making defamatory statements about me and as such, these allegations were related to me selling shows and collecting money from people for dubplates when in fact no one wants to book him nor even care to buy his dubs because he’s not nowhere near in demand. Every work I’ve every brought to him, it was always me that influence promoters to book him and sound men to buy his dubs; people will contact me for other artiste and I fit Lutan Fyah.  His reaction and the way he constantly refers negatively toward me throughout the music industry and to media personnel my statement here officiate my work ethic: I will NEVER work or have nothing to do with his career that’s on fullstop once again.

LUTAN FYAH  – Its only an unscrupulous and ungrateful person like him(Lutan fyah) that will try to draw these claims after all i’ve done to help with his career. I was very instrumental in raising funds to help his recovery when he was sick for months and could hardly walk, when he was claiming other artiste was trying to obeah him. He has made threats around my own friends and even tried to have men in my own community that i was born and raised to start a dispute with me. It back fired at him so he decided to take it to the media and have someone by the name of Chris “icey jace” Campbell representing his brand posting my name and personal information on blogs and social websites “trying” to tarnish me.

Chris “icey jace” Campbell – Icey Jace has took up what I have moved on from and forgotten about. He’s a perfect example of a so-called artist representative/PR that is barbaric to music/music business and thinks getting an artist on blogs can earn a number song or bring an artist on tour. Only a so called PR would follow the influence of an artiste who deems carless publicity. Icey Jace needs to formulate his business ethic and go learn the business of reggae/dancehall. With this approach you wont be able to pay your bills, if this how you go about trying to create publicity for someone by intervening into something you know nothing about. The brand Lutan Fyah can hardly survive on its own, so good luck trying to sell it.

Mavrick Records/Mavrick Entertainment– I will not focus on this as i remain committed to my music, working on my developments, shaping my way on becoming a force in Jamaican music industry, continuing to travel the world promoting Jamaican music and culture, bringing new talent to the world as i continue to follow the steps of those I’ve studied and watch growing up: King Jammy’s,Clifton “Specialist” Dillon, Don Corleon, Jerome Hamilton and Robert Livingston. I’m always looking for new talent to get out to the world so persons can email me at or

Read the message from Lutan Fyah on this link earlier this month

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