Tiana heats up the summer with four new tracks

With her undeniable work ethic and constant ability to adapt within the musical framework, it’s no surprise that prominent Dancehall diva,Tiana has decided to take the summer by storm with four singles that are sure to dazzle fans across the genre.

The Princess of Dancehall has targeted the peak season for partying and enjoyment with these singles as she seeks to dominate clubs and sessions across Jamaica. One of the song titles embodies that very sentiment as she’s released theOutARoad produced single, Weh Di Party Deh, which embodies the mindset of any person who’s just seeking a good time.

Tiana then takes an even more sultry approach as she unveils the Studio Vibes produced, Don’t Stop in which she embodies the independent female who tests a man’s resistance and endurance on the dance floor and even behind closed doors. Don’t Stop hails an ideal fit on the Illusion Riddim as she portrays the ideal fantasy that women can always relate to when they’ve found that ideal man.

Keeping with that theme, Tiana teaches the ladies a new dance move as she shows off the One Stuck Whine which she guarantees will hold any man’s attention. The single, originally released last summer is sure to carry over its appeal into this summer as it offers a flavor that the ladies can easily adapt to.

Tiana also shows her love for the men with her single, Watch Dem a Watch Me as she proves the centre of attention as well as the eye candy that several of her male admirers lust after on a regular basis. The up-tempo effort shows her love for men and desire to be around anywhere that they go.

“Mi love di man deh whether shy or dem brave man, 20 lashes, just send on di slave man, rich, bruk pauper, midget or caveman, send dem enuh,” Tiana professes.

Each of these singles, which are available for free download and on YouTube, have each received positive feedback from the Dancehall community as she re-asserts her place as a leading diva in Jamaican music.

For Tiana, this is just the start of another dominant summer as she looks to replicate her success in the summer of 2011 as singles like Gyal Mi Love Yuh (featuring Konshens) and the Highest Grade Song quickly ascended her to superstar status.


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