Twins Of Twins Member Gaynor Fined $2000

Patrick Gaynor, one member of the dancehall duo Twins of Twins, was fined $2000 or face 10 days behind bars when he appeared in the Spanish Town Petty Sessions Court yesterday to answer to charges of profanity.

Gaynor was charged following his flopped performance at last years Sting on December 26 at Jamworld Portmore.

The comedic dancehall artiste pleaded guilty to the charge and was warned by Magistrates Alvin Beckford and Winnifred Harriot to keep the peace.

“I used those words because of the culture, I apologise for my action and will try to keep the peace,” Gaynor respond.

Gaynor also criticised the police for their bias in handling the matter.

“The question that I want to ask is why am I the only person charged, when a number of entertainers used indecent language,” Gaynor said.


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