Voicemail Preps New Album “Next Level”

Dancehall duo Voicemail placed fans on high alert when they announced the release of their upcoming album Next Level.

According to the group, they recently completely work on the LP, produced by Captive Music.

The album, which is lead by the single I Got Love currently in rotation, is slated for a summer release.

Voicemail remaining two members Kevin Blair and Craig Jackson recently did the promotional rounds in New York City, which was completed by a photoshoot and recording sessions. The duo also did a number of interviews to promote the upcoming project.

“This is a great opportunity for us to build an audience in a major music market such as Germany. We’re significantly interested in the steady growth of our fan bases overseas, especially in Japan, Europe and parts of the United States,” said Kevin in a press release.

“I’m glad that music lovers in Germany appreciate our sound and our image. As a real, authentic Caribbean act, we want to show the uniqueness of our home country, Jamaica, to people around the globe,” added Craig.

Voicemail is widely known as one of the most successful dancehall groups of the last decade, with hits such as Get On Up, Let’s Dance, Wacky Dip, Weddy Time, I Need You, Get The Money, Best Days Of My Life and Gangster Rock.


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