Vybz Kartel Releases Statement Regarding Gun Lyrics & Alleged Questionable Lyrics

Vybz Kartel issued a release early this morning, stating that he will no longer be doing ‘gun lyrics’. He also countered claims that he sang about oral sex in a recent song, stating that the audio clip being spread on the Internet was altered. Below we’ve featured both paragraphs (verbatim) of Vybz Kartel’s release.

As of this moment i will no longer be doing “gun lyrics”. I did a song called “bad up u mada” and every one and their mada(lol) counteracted it.tryin to get their already expired 15 minutes of fame. Well i got news for them. Theyre at war with themselves,cause i aint givin them the time of day…hush y’all insects and parasites.”With that being said,the record must show that 1)’Big bad and brave’. 2)’duppy know who fi frighten’ and 3)’clap it up’ were all released earlier this month just in case people hear them and think im going against my word.I guess i must be twitter,because everybody followin’ me.

(RE: A SPLICE SONG ON THE INTERNET WHERE MY VOICE IS ALTERED TO SAY “ME WANT KISS U PON DA P* JAW DEH”) … I should not even be dignifying those allegations with a statement but since it is the politically correct thing to do, so be it. This attempt by these malicious and vindictive persons who seek to defame my character is as futile as trying to dethrone the dancehall hero from the pinnacle of the genre … try something else that is more believable. Better luck next time haters.”

Kartel has also invited fans to listen to the real (unaltered) version of the track in question below


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