Photos & Report: Groundation @ Tivoli de Helling, Utrecht (NL)

The 30th of April in the Netherlands is known as Queensday, the earthstrong of the mother of our current Queen, Juliana. That means that there are parties everywhere, people dressed up in Orange acting crazy, partying etc.etc. It is an experience you will never forget I can assure you!

Anyway, although there were “orange” parties and also some small reggae parties troughout the country, WorldAReggae went to the city of Utrecht with to see GROUNDATION.

They started off right on time, 22.00 PM, Groundation started off the first 20 minutes with just 3 songs. That is the beauty of this band, the long instrumentals, the story that they tell in each and every song, it is like listening to your mom while telling you a bedtime story. They take you on a journey that is being illustrated by the film that was projected on the stage background wall.

The projection itself, the different members of the band, that each play different or multiple instruments and then ofcourse the beautiful and powerful voices of the background singers. One of them had a beautiful high voice wich really brought the song to another level. The other Queen, had a strong voice, a righteous voice, a voice that brings forward the power that we all appreciate and want to feel in a song. Having the singers using their voice as a instrument and not just to sing was something unique for me personally. Some might even say it was an magical experience.

Singing songs from their new FANTASTIC album like Humility, Daniel, The Dreamer, Who is Gonna and many more from older albums. What really was remarkable to hear is that like 3-4 times during the concert we got blessings for coming over, knowing that the whole country is outside acting crazy and partying in their orange outfits. Well they really did compensate it very well, the beautiful solo’s of the other bandmembers took you on a different path while listening to the song you might have heared over a hundred times. Another dimension some might say.

Also an aspect that really was something special to see was the joy that the musicians had while doing their “solo thing”, they started off with a serious face that slowly grew towards an appreciating smile because the crowd including myself were going mad over it! We are not talking about twenty or thirty seconds, no we are talking about multiple minutes, extending the song with tremendous artwork cause that is what it is. A show that lasted 100 minutes, AMAZING!

We hope you enjoyed reading the article, unfortunately we were not able to shoot any video’s but we are having wonderful pictures up very soon.

If you want to buy Groundation’s latest album, Building an Ark, check the below links and also the playlist of the cd:

  1. Building an Ark
  2. Humility
  3. Be That Way
  4. Payaka Way
  5. Merry-Go-Round
  6. The Dreamer
  7. Who Is Gonna
  8. Keep It Up
  9. Daniel
  10. Sunlight Reflections

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