King Shiloh Session Cancelled

On behalve of “Stadsdeel Noord” the King Shiloh Session(s) on the NDSM have been cancelled according to an official message from King Shiloh Soundsystem:

The last days have once again revealed the extent babylon will go to disturb InI humble gatherings @ the NDSM. Despite factual reasonings from InI side nullifying any of their fabricated reasons for closure publicised in the media, Stadsdeel Noord,(the local council) refuse to accept any reason. Their decision is simple; if we continue with the gathering they will either send in the local police force or hand us a 100,000 euro fine, or both! We had as a last resort planned to move next door to our workplace, to at least satisfy ones coming from far who werent able to cancel flights or whatever, but unfortunately Stadsdeel Noord are also threatening to enforce the same fines should we try to do that. So with a heavy heart we are forced to cancel the session tomorrow night, all we can hope is that each and everyone gets this message in time. We give thanks for the blessed sessions we had and give thanks to all who were part of something very special. Unfortunatley its ‘Game Over’ @ da NDSM for the moment but remember we live to fight another day. Stay in tune to Facebook and MySpace for any developments….

Blessed Love, King Shiloh sound system”

Let’s hope this is only temporary and that the Soundsystem can continue soon!

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