Rass Motivated Suprises Everyone at Charity Event in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, 11 November, 2011: What seemed to be a calm and “on the couch watching tv” night, was changed into a wonderful night of musical wonders.

Rass Motivated got a call to perform at this place called Cafe/Restaurant Dauphine, wich is a big and classy place in Amsterdam. Because it was an last minute performance only a few supporters could make it, but we are not WorldAReggae if we wouldn’t be there to support one of our best Reggae talents. Also, there was no time for Rass Motivated to do a soundcheck or rehearsal any of the songs.

Accompanied by myself and his nephew we entered Cafe Dauphine and we were escorted to the artists room backstage. Seeing all kind of Dutch TV personalities made us understand that this was not “just a night on the stage”. With that in mind we quickly understood that this was supposed to be a night for charity, heartpatients.

We entered the mainroom around 9 PM, the funny thing here was that everyone was looking at us wondering what we were doing there. They would find out pretty quickly.

Around 9.15 he was announced by the host and Rass Motivated entered the stage. A lot of very soft “ahh” and “oohs” went around, because now they understood why we were there.

After a little introduction of himself, Rass Motivated started with his first of three Bob Marley songs, Redemption Song.
The crowd was loving him from the moment he spoke the first few words and even sang a long when he asked them too. This was pretty magical to see actually, believe me.

After his song, he even thought them what “IRIE” means and every single person in the room said it out loud when he asked how they were feeling! The other 2 songs Rass did were, Turn your lights down low and Could you be loved.

Wherever he walked that night, people would speak to him and really show their appreciation for his performance, what he does and believes in. This is much appreciated if said by persons in our business itself but to get that from this crowd was really a blessing.

Because he was literally jamming on the stage, a wonderful saxofone player ( Jan Kooper ) accompanied him during this song and gave the crowd another moment to feel Irie. During the third and final song he was accompanied by Shirma Rouse, wich really has one of the most beautiful soul voices I have ever heared and Enlery Mayfield.

Well, as you can understand, for Rass Motivated himself this was a wonderful experience to perform for such a crowd who basicly has no connection with reggae music at all. Still he managed to get them off their feet and jam it jamaican style on the dancefloor.

10th of December 2011, Rass Motivated will perform in Rotterdam in a contest that could make him ambassador of Rotterdam for 1 year. This would mean he would get workshops, concerts, radio/studio time to develop his skills and we need everyone that loves reggae music and positivity to be present there. The entry fee is only € 10,00 , but for more information please take a look at the event page.

Check out the video of the Rass Motivated “First Light Ep” last month below:


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  1. Really, vibes were maddddd!!!!!! We should have this more often!

    Mikey / Reply

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