Reggae Artist Smiley uses reggae to take over Club Dauphine, Amsterdam (NL)

Reggae artist Smiley who lives in Amsterdam with his roots from Aruba is on a mission to let reggae music take over the world. With his great voice and ability to get the crowd involved into his act he made his appearance in Club Dauphine.

Smiley started of his 1 of 3 songs with a wonderful, conscious song by Dennis Brown – Revolution. As he started off the song, people at the tables were still having dinner and maybe didn’t seem too interested…BUT…as they sat eating, it was very funny and at the same time, good to see them moving on the riddim. This was promising for his next 2 songs…because if you can eat and at the same time can’t stop yourself from moving to the music, then that means you love it!!

Just before the second set came along the guests received their desert and “KEEP THE JOY” would be played out loud (Smiley’s own song featured Jamaican artist Anthony B)! Smiley took the microphone and gave away an act that made the crowd respond lively and joyfull when he asked if “we need to keep the Joy in our life”. This act made most of the crowd forget their drinks/desert and just jam it on the seats.

Before the last set was about to begin most of the tables were put aside, so that everyone could dance, move, jam, jump or just express themself on the beat and the lyrics that were sang by the artists. Le Prince also walked into the place, for he is a regular there and has performed there many times.

COULD YOU BE LOVED, Bob Marley’s lyrics by our own Smiley gave some extraordinary responses from the crowd. Singing along, dancing, jumping, it was all there! No, it wasn’t a reggae concert, it was just a multicultural evening and reggae was a part of it. Singing along when Smiley said ” Say Something ” they responded with ” Reggae Reggae “. I find it PRICELESS when a crowd plays along and show you love for what you are doing. It makes, I think, as an artist worth it even more! Appreciation and love from your crowd, specially who isn’t there specifically for you, is really a beautiful experience.

Please stay tuned on WorldAReggae for Smiley is going to release his new Album very soon.

RasMikeyy will be there soon again for another wonderful evening of beautiful reggae music!

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  1. I really enjoyed the night, would be fun if people would join to Dauphine when some of our reggae artists perform, entrance is € 15,00

    Ras Mikeyy / Reply
  2. Its nice 2 see a artist trying his best. It makes proud that we share the same roots of nos dushi isla Aruba. Jahbless juanito martes

    Juan / Reply

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