Ziggi Recado – The Green Session Part 3. Snippet: Time for Greatness Ft. Mr. Probz

Every week Ziggi Recado writes a blog about his upcoming album ‘Ziggi Recado’ which will be released at April 15 2011. In this blog he writes about the making of the album and every week you can hear a snippet of the upcoming album, this week: Time for greatness ft Mr Probz

Ziggi Recado: Been through a crazy emotional week. Had a death in my extended family. That controlled the mood for the most part. Hard to take anything too seriously when u get confronted with how fragile life is. I dont think i ever had this much time away from playing live since i started my career, so believe me when i say i’m looking forward to getting out there alot. with about a month to go i need to get my head right for these shows.Or do these shows to get my head right, whichever way.

My weekly snippet vote came down to my collabo with Etana vs Mr.Probz . Probz just edged her out. I’m sure the hip hop people are gonna feel this one.



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