Ziggi Recado – The Green Sessions part 2. Snippet: My Everything

Every week Ziggi Recado writes a blog about his upcoming album ‘Ziggi Recado’ which will be released at April 15 2011. In this blog he writes about the making of the album and every week you can hear a snippet of the upcoming album, this week: “My Everything”.

This past week was all about getting ready to start touring again. Had 3 rehearsals with my band and put my set together. It’s already sounding promising and very different because of all the new tracks. I do think it is a major step forward. If u like musical stuff you’ll love the green tour! Started this week(march 8 ) with my birthday. Feel like i’m officially an old dude now as i’m no longer twenty-something!! hmmm..

I got mad reactions on Twitter and especially Facebook! that was really somethin i wasnt counting on! Thnx u my people… this week the new album snippet i got for y’all is “My everything”. This is a track about my 2 greatest blessings in life. I think anyone with kids is gonna feel this… CHECK IT OUT !!



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