(Exclusive) Interview with Bob Andy

World a Reggae Reporter Michael Watson had the pleasure to speak with his friend, reggae artist Bob Andy on June 11, 2012, just days before his scheduled performance at the Miramar Cultural Center in Broward County, Florida.

Hello Bob.  How are you feeling?

“I am on the mend.  I have good days and bad days but mostly good days.  You know?  I’m working with it.  I’m working with it.  I got a nice extension from dealing with it gingerly you know?  So I’m good to go.”

Good, good.  I’m happy to hear that.  So you’ve been in the recording studio I hear.  Why don’t you talk a little bit about that.

“Yeah, we have been working in the studio.  We have Raging Fyah, group out of Jamaica.  And, uh it’s going really good.  We have put 8 tracks together.”

8 Tracks?

“Yes we have 8 tracks altogether.  We have the one that I sent to you, you know “Send Someone”?”

Yes, I love that one.

“We also have some others that I still have to voice.  Get the other tracks ready to go.”

So the musicians you are working with, Raging Fyah, right?


What about production.  Who’s producing these tracks?

“Well, technically I am the producer.”

So do you know when you are going to push this thing out?  Will it be an album?

“Well, we are taking our time with the album, but we should have a digitized single soon.  Thinking about putting out some singles and see the reaction to those first.  Maybe by the end of the year we have 6 more tracks for a 14-track studio album.  We have to see.  Take it from there.”

Let’s talk about tour dates.

“Yes, playing in Miami this Friday (June 15, 2012).  Then on to California July 15 to play the Ziggy Marley show with Freddie McGregor, Toots, and Maxi Priest.  On to Garance in the south of France July 25th and Reggae Geel in Belgium on August 4th.  Play London on the 6th of August and then we play the Jamaica Independence 50th Anniversary celebration in New York City on August 18th.  I get back home mid-August and then more studio work.”

Can the fans expect to hear some new songs?

“Well on Friday in Miami they will hear because I’m appearing with Raging Fyah.  Maybe we get a chance to play together at Garance because they will be at Garance as well.  We’ll sing that new song to the people once again.  Introduce the new song to Europe!”

So I notice on your website you have CD’s available?

“Yes on several different sites.  Also coming with some more merchandise, maybe a t-shirt or something.  We’ll take merchandise to California and Europe.”

What about Marcia (Griffiths)?  Will you perform with Marcia?

“Yes, she will be in London on the 5th of August and I play the 6th, so we do some songs together for the people.”

Did you rehearse with her at all?

“No, no we have a good bond all the time.  We just perform the songs.”

People will be happy to see that.

“Of course.”

We need that right now at a time when reggae music isn’t as positive as it once was.

“Yes, I have many thoughts on that subject but we can discuss that in a whole separate interview.  Need much more time.”

Alright.  Well I thank you for talking with me and I hope the best for your health and for your tour.

“Thank you.  I figure we’ll be communicating again soon.  Talk to you then.”


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Friday JUNE 15 – South Florida
Caribbean Heritage Month Cultural Extravaganza at Miramar Cultural Center in Broward County. Bob will perform and be honoured with a Distinguished Fellow Award from Jamaica Awareness.

Sunday JULY 15 – Los Angeles
Ziggy Marley and Tuff Gong Worldwide Salutes Legends of Reggae at the Hollywood Bowl

Wednesday JULY 25th through Saturday JULY 28th – south of France

Saturday AUGUST 4th – Belgium
Reggae Geel, Belgium’s biggest reggae festival

Saturday AUGUST 18th – New York City
Jamaica Independence Celebration Foundation’s 50th Anniversary Ball at the New York Hilton Hotel, Avenue of the Americas



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