Interview with Bridgez

Bridgez (born as Bridgett Roache), born  in Kingston Jamaica.

1. Greetings Bridgett, First of all, please tell our readers, Who is the person behind Bridgez? How was your childhood in Kingston?
B: Well I gotta say my childhood was great growing up. I grew up singing in church for a short while until eventually I had joined a group called 3 wishes and then we split and I went solo, so growing up my life was always revolved around music.

2. You started off in the Music business at a very young age, what made your passion for (reggae) music bloom?
B: As I said music has always been apart of my life so naturally I would grow into it more. What made it bloom is coming out of my “SHY SHELL” and going solo.

3. When u were at the age of 16 u were singing in a group (3 wishes), why did u choose to go another direction after a while?
B: Because I realized the group wasn’t going anywhere to be honest, we were just making music but we were definitely not in the music business itself and that wasn’t the direction I was aiming towards.

4. You have had several producers for your music until you met ‘Jah Snowcone’ from there it went uphill, can u explain that?
Well lets just say the producers I was working with before Jah Snowcone was doing the same thing like when I was in the group… we were just making music but it wasn’t getting out there, Snowcone on the other hand has thought me quite a few things about the business and making sure my songs were always released.

5. You are a very easy going person I noticed, u not getting big headed from all this stardom yet 🙂 ?
Hahaha no, I am very easy going as you said but very ambitious and my goal for stardom doesn’t stop here so there is no way it would get to my head…however when I reached where I wanna be…I know for a fact that humility is still key.

6. What is the biggest change in your life until now, since you are a celebrity now?
B: Hmm, the biggest change for me is just the reaction I get from people when it comes to my music… especially people that knew me from before and knew how shy I was, they still can’t believe I chose to do music, Music was never really something I spoke about before getting into it officially because nobody takes you serious till they hear you on the radio or see you on tv.

7. Recently you did a few collabs, amongst those the “Roll Out” tune with Bounty Killer, can u explain why collaborations are such a big thing in reggae and dancehall?
Collaborations is a big thing on a whole, sometimes you never pictured those two artists ever working together and it tends to surprise people when they do so because of that it catches people’s attention faster than if you did a song by yourself… Its also a way to bring young artists to the forefront if they are collaborating with a bigger artist like Bounty Killer and that was his whole intention when he decided to do the collab.

8. I noticed that your videos are from a certain high stylish quality, do u think that having a good video can help an artist?
B: Yes most def! I make sure that all my videos are done in HD. It’s my work and I try to make all my songs sound like quality so my videos has to be just the same or even better.

9. At the moment it seems like a waterfall of riddims is coming out, how do you choose your riddims you wanna voice on?
B: Whatever catches my ear. I have gotten riddims from really big producers and can’t come up with nothing and get some from young producers and I find something for it…I’m not bias, I work with who works with me and I work with what sounds good to me.

9. These days with internet and social media and stuff all the music is just everywhere, people can freely download riddims and your tunes. Do you see this as piracy or does it help you to gain recognition faster?
B: Well Being an Artist and a fan of other artists I can definitely speak for both. For the artist it has its advantages and disadvantages because hey that is one of how we make our money but I feel (speaking from a fan’s point of view) if a fan really rate you, even if your songs are out there free they will buy your album just to support you.

10. I have been to Jamaica too, but didn’t have the chance to see all of it off course, what place do u think I, or people that are going, must see when i go there again?
B: I think you should party in Kingston and Relax in the North Coast! Like Ochi, Negril and those places.

11. When can we expect a new Bridgez album coming out? Are things gonna go faster now that Bounty Killer got u into the Alliance Family?
B: I’m working on a mixtape right now…I’m gonna name it “Crossover” not sure when I am gonna put out another album just yet and yes things will go a little faster since I’m in Alliance now, Bounty Killer is really doing a lot to push my career as my manager.

12. Slowly but surely the upcoming Jamaican female artists are coming to Europe, when can we give u a warm welcome in Holland?
B: Sooooooon, hopefully sooner than you think 🙂
12a. That sounds promising!

12. What else would u like to share with the Dutch/European reggae/Dancehall scene? Anything goes…
B: Just wanna give thanks for the listening ear, the support, the interest…I’m happy that you are helping to spread my music to the European Massive and I really look forward to coming there soon….

Thank you very much for the interview!


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