Azizzi Romeo – The Progeny Mixtape [Mixed By Liontrod]

Azizzi Romeo – The Progeny Mixtape [Mixed By Liontrod]

Azizzi Romeo, 19 years young Jamaican singer/songwriter/producer and son of Max Romeo puts his “silken-smooth” vocals and hard-hitting lyrics on full display. The Grow My Dread singer proclaim himself the progeny, showcasing great word play and his prowess as a vocalist. Featuring Max Romeo (Father), Xana Romeo (Sister). Mixed by Liontrod.

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0:07 Intro
0:35 Inna This World Ft. Max + Xana Romeo [Coming Soon]
4:02 Interlude
4:20 Look To Africa [Freestyle]
6:31 Age Of Truth
10:15 Roll Call [Freestyle]
13:23 Final Warning Ft. Xana Romeo [Coming Soon]
16:01 Another Day In Babylon [Freestyle]
18:12 Interlude
19:41 Should’ve Known [Liontrod Remix]
22:44Should’ve Dub
22:35 System Failure
27:35 System Dub
29:38 Bear Witness [Coming Soon]
32:33 We Play What We Want [Freestyle/Liontrod Special]
34:30 Grow My Dread
36:54 Grow My Dub
39:06 Take A Lift [Coming Soon]
41:30 Give Praises Ft. Max Romeo [Freestyle]
44:09 I Am [Freestyle]
46:41 Look To Dub

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