L.E.A.D Meets Prince Far-I Mix Tape By Unity Sound, 2015

L.E.A.D Meets Prince Far-I Mix Tape Hosted By Unity Sound VybNation Records 2015

Collection of works to spark and inspire positive good vibrations. The influence of the poetic Prince Far-I is very eminent as his infectious dub style tracks served up the inspiration for the songs.

Better known for his deejaying and lyrical prowess this mixtape takes a more melodic approach showcasing L.E.A.D‘s versatility as an up coming singer.

It’s a fusion of reggae , roots, jazz and RnB in sound. All the songs are exerts of life. Providing a plethora of ‘reality music’ for many moods: some motivational like ‘ Freedom comes your way’, some epitomizing the power of love like ‘Crazy Love’ & ‘Lethal Love’ Others defending our Rights and Beliefs like ‘ Rasta Run The Town’ & ‘Bite the Dust’ while still highlighting the importance of Spirituality in songs like ‘The Calling’ & ‘Jah Station’. The controversial single ‘ Wolves and Sheep’ that uses imposters of Rastafarian way of life to mirror the wider state of deception and illusion while highlighting the vital essence of being genuine and true!!!! Jeremy ‘Cross Fire’ Huskey from unity sound put the final touches with a majestic mix. Life Endurance Ability Do It L.E.A.D Meets Prince Far-I