Photos: Chronixx @ Revolution Live, Ft Lauderdale FL USA (9/7/2013)

Yo never want mi forever burning
An yo see when the tables turning
Mi seh a love high an high preaching
So every land of hate will burn
~ Chronixx ~

On September 7, 2013,  the highly anticipated concert at Revolution Live in Ft Lauderdale, Florida ignited with a stellar concert of the Chronixx,  songstress  Kelissa and the Zinc Fence Band. It was a perfect balance of relevant lyrics, a sweet melodic voices and supreme showmanship. Their talent exceed way beyond their young years.

The venue was caulked to capacity as the audience enjoyed every minute of long awaited concert.

Mek way ~ the  ‘Reggae Revolution’ is here ~

Text and pictures by Gail Zucker

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