Photos: Groundation, Center for the Arts, Grass Valley 2023

It’s been 20 years since its release. Some call it a Reggae masterpiece. I’m talking about Groundation’s Hebron Gate album. To celebrate its release Groundation is currently on a worldwide tour performing this incredible album from start to finish live.

Lucky for me this tour ran several dates through their home turf of California, USA. I caught it on the last date here fittingly at a performing arts center. The Center for the Arts in Grass Valley to be exact. And what a perfect place to breathe it all in for their last California date.

Now, of course, things have changed a bit since its release. Most of the musicians have come and gone since that group recorded it. But with Harrison Stafford still, at the reigns, there is absolutely no dropoff in quality or performance. Some may even argue there has been improvement in some areas. Either way, it was a roller coaster of sonic movement and jabs at every turn. The incredible Jazz influence and Reggae cadence are still intact and thriving.

Opening for this great event was a local favorite named Kurrency King. A high-energy artist in his own right. He was a perfect pairing for the night. Here are a few snaps of the event as it unfolded. Hope you enjoy it!