Photos: Impressions of the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival 2023

We’ve all been waiting. Waiting for the moment one of our favorite festivals…shows…reggae family reunion… whatever you want to call it… returns.

We all understood. Warren Smith, the founder of this beloved festival, had been sick. Everyone needed to focus on his health. This was far bigger than this reggae show. And it definitely was. For sure.

But ultimately, sadly, Warren succumbed to his illness in January 2021. We all grieved. His influence was great. Particularly in his hometown of Sacramento and the nearby region. But now what? What would happen to this great event? This event that always celebrated reggae…ROOTS reggae. One that gave breaks to so many artists that no one had quite heard of yet. One that ALWAYS seemed to have a lineup filled with exactly who you wanted to see. (World A Reggae sends its condolences to Warren’s family and friends).

There was speculation. “Ahh…it’s over.” “That show will never be back.” “Do you know what it takes to run a successful show like that?”It’s too much…everyone has moved on.”

We didn’t believe it though. There’s no way a show like that, one that has spanned over 25 years, could be done just like that. But a year went by. One filled with Covid and madness mind you. Then another went by. Maybe that really was it? Is it really not coming back? Like for real?

And then the news came. IT’S BACK! Sierra Nevada is coming back! It’s gonna be for Warren! It’s really going to happen this time!

Not going to lie…at first, I didn’t believe it. “I’ll need to see some lineups out there first before I buy it.” Then it came…not only is it coming back. Wait till you see the lineup! Luciano, Tarrus Riley, Beres Hammond, Kabaka Pyramid, Protoje, BURNING SPEAR. Not only did it come back… it came BACK. And almost all of the charm was back too! The vendors, the amazing food, the late-night DANCEHALL. All of it came back! What an amazing time. And it was all back…back for Warren.

We see you Warren. You and Gretchen. YOU did this! We can’t thank you enough. We didn’t want it to end. And thankfully…it hasn’t.

Here’s a few of my favorite moments…

— Eyeree

Sierra Nevada World Music Festival 2023

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