Photos: Lake Tahoe Reggae Festival 2024

It was a beautiful winter day in South Lake Tahoe. A perfect day for some live reggae in the brand spankin’ new (opened in Sept 2023) Tahoe Blue Event Center. A newly built 6k seat arena that was a great host for this years Winter event. And this years event was great. It was arranged a bit with what seemed like particular tastes in mind. Day 1 featured more of the traditional reggae styling from the likes of Miki Rae and the Hooligans, The Green, Collie Buddz, along with Damian and Stephen Marley.

Day 2 had more of the Cali Roots sound and featured groups like Stick Figure, The Movement, The Elovaters,and False Rhythms. A flavor for all tastes. The new venue was slick. Beautifully appointed and it felt new. It had a small outer concourse and vending setup like a typical sports arena. Sizing was bigger, but not quite like a full sized arena. [Think one of those but cut in half]. It did have an upper and lower seating section but the views were all great. Good sized staging and large video screens for those in the “nosebleed” seats. It’s a nice venue.

All of the acts we caught were incredible. Squarefield Massive and OG the DJ kept the place crackin on the tables. The Green is a family favorite of ours. So that’s a treat. Miki Rae and the Hooligans was a funky but cool act. Collie Buddz always kills it. But the best part of the night, for me, had to go to the Marley brothers. Their production is just on a different level. Lots of images and clips play behind them as they part the smokey laser lights. A few of their Dad’s hits sprinkled in just enough to remind us who we are watching. It was a wicked set. And a perfect way to cap off the night. Here are a few captures of the moments we caught. Please enjoy!

By Eyeree

Lake Tahoe Reggae Festival 2024

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