Photos: Max Romeo and Dubtonic Kru Live at Cornerstone Berkeley 2019

Impressions of Max Romeo and Dubtonic Kru at Cornerstone Berkeley, Sunday March 31, 2019.

It was obvious the crowd was happy to see him. The cheering didn’t stop at the usual place between songs. It continued until finally Max acknowledged with a “I love you too Berkeley.” In the 40+ year career of foundation artist Max Romeo, this was the first time ever he made his way to the California city. He performed what seemed like an endless wave of hit after hit. Chase The Devil, War Inna Babylon, One Step Forward…you get the idea. All of them bangers. His voice as strong as ever. Along with him was son Azizzi Romeo. Azizzi did his own set of tunes and it was obvious he will be part of the new wave of talented reggae artists from here on out. His voice has a unique sound. A youthful sound. Not quite White Mice but close. But his command on the microphone is all business. He’s one to keep an eye on. Backing them was Dubtonic Kru. These guys are relatively new to me but have been around for a while. If you love classic roots and good dub (like me) these are your guys. They are all currently touring the US west coast on the 2019 Put On An Iron Shirt Tour with Max and Azizzi.
This show is fire!

Pictures & Write up by Eye Ree for

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