Photos: Rhythms of Africa 2015, Miramar Florida

Embrace Music Foundation, Presents A Production Of Solutions In Music. As Third World Reggae Ambassadors reunited for the Annual Rhythms of Africa 2015 @ The Miramar Cultural Center in Florida for two shows.

With Willie Stewart (Third World’s Former Drummer), Michael “Ibo” Cooper (Former Lead Keyboard and Vocalist of Third World) , Irvin “Carrott” Jarret ( Third World’s former percussionist) Milton “Prilly” Hamilton ( Former Lead singer of Third World) along with Arturo Tappin- Keith Jones- Junior Jazz- Roger George – Nicole Yarling – 3B4JHOY – Sons Of Mystro – Simone Saure- Vinni Hamilton – Richie Walters- Selena Serrano- J Will G. Cole- Wraps & Kush- Soleil Rowe- Carlos Planas- Kobe Alyenne – Miguel Russel
Special guest – Handel Tucker MC Niki Mohan & Lisa Lee – Naration By Vivienne Chance

Pictures by Gail Zucker