Report: Reggae on The River 2018

Another Reggae On The River in the books! The 34th to be exact. Some said it would never happen. Just too many financial challenges they said. The economic pressures on the locals too high. Add to that the ferocious fire season ravaging the area and it was sure to be just too much. But it’s in these times that support is needed the most! Support for a California reggae treasure. Support for the local economy. All of these were desperately needed! And due to the hard work of the many volunteers, and the new backing from the High Times magazine group, it did happen. For attendees there was a place to escape for a few days and just enjoy the music and the beautiful Eel river. And for at least this guy, it was a great success. Here are a few sights and sounds from the festivities.

By Eye Ree

Pictures by Eye Ree

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