10 Ft. Ganja Plant releases 10 Deadly Shots Vol. III. on 30.09.2014

September the 30th 2014 the third installment of the ongoing instrumental-only Deadly Shots series will be released. This wil be 10 Ft. Ganja Plants’ 10th studio album! The highly anticipated release from one of the finest roots reggae outfit making music today features the bands lead guitarist Nate Silas Richardson in the starring role. The release comes off the back of two successful launch shows at the Sinclair in Cambridge Massachusetts and the Bowery Ballroom in NYC.

1. White Snakeroot
2. Castor Bean
3. Mala Mujer
4. Monkshood
5. Western Water Hemlock
6. Bladderwort
7. Venus Flytrap
8. Angel Trumpet
9. Oleander
10. Giant Pitcher