Deejays collab for Japan Tribute

STEPHEN ‘Di Genius’ McGregor of Big Ship, Mighty Crown and Gachapan Records will record Jamaican artistes on the Japan tribute riddim.

The Jamaican deejays are yet to be finalised. It follows a earlier move by the riddim’s producer Pancho of Gachapan to record some 30 Japanese deejays in a 20-minute song entitled One For All.

McGREGOR will work along with the local artistes for the tribute. “We and Big Ship (Di Genius) and Mighty Crown are team to make Jamaican artiste Japan tribute song,” Pancho told the Jamaica Observer via Twitter.

Japan-born Pancho lives in Jamaica and has produced I-Octane, Aidonia, G-Whizz, Konskens, Charly Blacks, Nesbeth, Laden, QQ, Ras Penco, Munga and more, under his label Gachapan Records. Di Genius has produced artistes including Mavado and Chino of Big Ship. Japan-based Mighty Crown is amongst the largest soundsystem in the world. But also contains a production house and its own Nike show deal.

This month’s 9.0-earthquake and tsunami left more than 16,000 dead or missing. Additionally, the tsunami crippled the cooling systems at a nuclear plant which resulted in fires and explosions at four of six reactor units. Radiation seeped into the water supply of Tokyo, the largest city, to levels safe for adults, consumption but not children. Japan called the quadruple disaster its worst crisis since World War II.

Last year’s devastating earthquake in Haiti inspired Jamaican reggae artistes and dub poets to record tribute singles.

The single featuring Japanese artistes will be released in mid-April. The Japanese deejays include Masta Simon (Mighty Crown) Chehon, Ryo The Skywalker, Pushim, Jumbo Maatch, Takafin, Boxer Kid, Ng Head, Buggie Man.Vader, Armstrong, Peter Man, kenty Gross, Big Bear, Douraku, Rudeboy Face, Rueed, Micky Rich, Natural Wepon, Tak Z, Akane, Papa Ugee, Monkey Ken, G2,and Singj Roy.

“We build a riddim and Chehon, one of deejays, gave me idea. Everything started from him. He started to sing One For All, All For One,” Pancho said. “I ask every reggae artiste in Japan. Most artiste said OK. But some artist don’t have no they couldn’t do it. Finally, over 25 top Japanese reggae artistes sing on the riddim. One big song for all sufferer.”

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