A lotta Marley Things a Gwaan!

This year it will 30 years ago that Reggae Legend Bob Marley passed away. I think, for some us, not a day goes by without playing one of his songs or watching one of the many Marley Videos. Bob is still in our hearts even 30 years after his passing away. On february 6, on the other hand, we are celebrating Bobs Birthday, this year it would have been his 66th. To Celebrate Bobs Birthday there will be a completely renewed website online. And, as Ziggi Marley calls it in his newsletter, it will be Bobs new home. A place that should have similar vibes as the vibes at 56 Hope Road back in the days, where people stopped by every day to hang out, play football or dominoes, to seek for knowledge or just for chillin’ and listening to music. So when you visit Bobmarley.com on the 6th of february you will be visiting Bobs New Home.

Since the website is still in the building process, Ziggi asks in his newsletter also for your advice: “I would love to hear from you. What would you like to see, feel, hear, experience on the new bobmarley.com come February 6th, 2011? Feel free to share your ideas with me. Let me know as soon as you can Just email me at ziggy.marley@bobmarley.com.

Next to building websites Ziggi is working in the studio for his upcoming album with at least 12 songs on it as Ziggi promises on his Twitter account. And, like he isn’t busy enough yet he is finishing up his Comic Book about “MarijuanaMan”. Our new hero for this new Generation what should be released in April this year.

Also brother Stephen is working on a new album and will be performing at the Buju Banton Before the Dawn Concert so there is a lot to look out too. Plus, dont forget the release of Bob Marleys last recorded concert, taken from his Tour when promoting the Uprising Album. This new release will be called ‘Live Forever‘.

Finally brother Damian is Touring with Nas to promote their Distant Relatives Album. For the Dutch fans: They will be in Paradiso Amsterdam te 11th of April.

Like I said, A lotta Marley Things a Gwaan!

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