Addis Pablo, Suns of Dub drop ‘Journey to Port of Spain’ EP


“New age dub vibes with foundation steel pan sounds.” That’s how Suns of Dub’s RasJammy TriniYard describes the new Suns of Dub EP titled ‘Journey to Port of Spain.‘  The EP, featuring pan specialist Derron Ellies on the steel pan drum, is available for download by request.

‘Journey to Port of Spain.’  Not a destination, but a soundscape. Dub blessed with steel pan drum vibes.  A unique soundscape and vibe altogether.  One that pushes the limits of contemporary dub.  Typically dub tracks are drenched in sound effects like echo, reverb, with instruments and vocals dropping in and out of the mix. Traditionally, dub is known for drawing the listener’s attention away from the vocal and focusing more on the shape and depth of the space between sounds.  In case you haven’t heard, Addis Pablo and the Suns of Dub are turning tradition on it’s head, and twisting it up a bit along the way.

“I have always admired the sounds of the steel pan when a was younger,” says Addis, calling from Jamaiaca, the place he still calls home.  “I would select the synthesizer sound to replicate on my dad’s keyboard. He said he never hear a riddim like it played on the steel. It adds a mystical ambience and a sound that reflects the culture of both Trindad and the wider dispora by providing a medium for communication and entertainment.”

RasJammy TriniYard, executive producer and dubologist, is looking forward to blessing the people with Suns of Dub’s new vibes.  As I discussed in my recent article on Addis Pablo and the Suns of Dub, he has a solid plan for how this music will be introduced to the fans.

“The riddims for the EP were made by Pablo maybe over a year ago, from a set of lost project files we recovered.  We resurrected the project just in time for pan pioneer Bertie Marshall’s recent passing in Trinidad.  It features pan specialist Derron Ellies. It is being released in time for the upcoming Trinidad and Tobago carnival season as we emphasize on roots and origin. Although it isn’t the usual, we work on steel pan tracks  as we fuse our own Suns of Dub style and sounds.

“It is unique for Trinidad especially because the names of the tracks represent different places and people in Trinidad that are instrumental in the development of pan.”

So if you haven’t checked the Addis Pablo and the Suns of Dub, download ‘Journey to Port of Spain.‘ Find out for yourself what the future holds for dub.

Download the EP for $5 on Paypal and receive the EP plus a never before heard Addis Pablo live band single, laid with a Pink Floyd sample.


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