Adele Harley set to release ‘Timeless’ Album.

Adele Harley caused a stir with her first album Come Into My Life, produced by Mafia & Fluxy in 2010, and after hearing Adele’s album, Jamaican producers such as Rory Stonelove, Barry O Hare, Computer Paul, Kemar `Flava` McGregor to name but a few, were very eager to work with her. This resulted in a 6 track EP with Flava McGregor called Love For Life in 2012, 2 releases with RoryStonelove (heavily featured on Radio 1 David Rodigan Show) and also collabs with artists such as Stevie Face, Lloyd Brown & Peter Spence.

Adele is about to release her very much anticipated second album TIMELESS, produced by Mafia & Fluxy on the 6th October 2014, available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and CD distribution by VP.

The album is a collection of reggae/lovers rock songs that Adele has been working on with The Heywood Brothers over the last 2 years, and which includes the first single `WALK AWAY` which is proving to be quite a hit especially here in the UK. The first track on the album `SMILE` will be the next single used to promote the album on one of Mafia&Fluxys newest riddims for 2014. As a violinist Adele recorded the strings on the song `Dreaming`, and Dean Fraser features with his sultry Sax tones on YOU`RE NOT HERE. The album includes 10 original songs written by Adele and 5 cover versions, one of which is a duet with the legendary John Holt. Together they have created a unique rendition of the classic Beatles song YESTERDAY which uses a 70`s John Holt vocal (recorded by Bunny Lee) and a brand new vocal by Adele.

It also features live strings played by Adele’s sister Carolyn Harley. While Adele was in Negril in November 2013 she met up with Jack Radics, who after hearing Adele sing, immediately suggested she cover the track BLUE BAYOU (Linda Ronstadt) as he thought it would suit her voice perfectly. Mafia&Fluxy have added their magic touch to this classic and produced a fresh new riddim for the song resulting in a `Country To Reggae hit! This delightful 15 track album will hopefully have a little something for everyone!