Alaine release new single TAHRIR SQUARE and collaborate with Bruno Mars

Singer Alaine has a knack for effectively translating her feelings and emotions into song. Her latest effort Tahrir Square is another such recording.

Inspired by the recent events in Cairo, Egypt, Alaine said she was deeply moved by the images that she saw. “Thousands of people gathered in Tahrir Square and peacefully and successfully protested against the 30 year tyranny of the Mubarak led dictatorship. They set an incredible example for the world to follow. Tahrir means liberation and there are many obstacles that we can overcome in our everyday life if we stand in a consciousness of liberation. Know that you are free and no chains can bind you,” Alaine explained in a release to the media.

Tahrir Square was produced by Alaine and release on her 1Thirty One label. The response to the song has been nothing but positive to date.

An accompanying music video is to be directed by Ras Shac over the next few weeks. Listen the track below

When Mama Prays and Good Good are two recent recordings that have been released to radio. The sugar-coated ear candy with a strong message When Mama Prays was produced by Romeich Records; while the bouncy and danceable Good Good featuring Shaggy was produced by Kingyard Entertainment and Ranch Entertainment.

Additionally, Alaine is featured on the Mike D remix of Bruno Mars’ current chart hit The Lazy Song.

Said Alaine, “I am so excited about the remix. I love it and I am sure everyone can relate to those days when you ‘just waan lay down star.

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