Anthony B New Single “Too Hard Now” against Police Killing last week in JA

Known to the world for his spit fire lyrics used to confront political injustices and bringing the issues of the people to the forefront. It is no surprise that Anthony B has once again vocally demonstrated the recent alleged police murder of, eight months pregnant, Kayan Lamont, in Yallah St. Thomas, Jamaica.

Anthony B is no stranger to singing about police injustice, one of his most popular, yet controversial tune was “Good Cop, Bad Cop”. He shined a light on some of the unfair and illegal behaviors inflicted on the people of his island Jamaica.

Eight years later, after the release of Good Cop, Bad Cop, Anthony B is speaking for the people again, with his new single titled “Too Hard Now”.

“When I first heard of the recent police killing of the two sisters, in my country of Jamaica and knowing that one of them was only a month away from having a new born baby; I say to myself, this is too much now” said Anthony B.

Kayan Lamont and her sister were allegedly coming off a bus in the coastal town of Yallah, St. Thomas, when a police officer attempted to arrest her for “indecent language”. He then allegedly shot the 25 year old, eight months pregnant Kayan in the head, and then shot her sister in the upper body. Eyewitnesses state the officer was apparently aiming at the third sister but his gun ran out of ammunition.

“When will we take a firm stand, to stop this innocent slaying of our people” said Anthony B. Looking at everything happening in the world, as well as what is being done to our reggae and dancehall culture, Anthony B voiced “Too Hard Now”.

Too Hard Now Babylon a gwan too hard/ Down yah inna yard police man a gwan too hard/ Imagine the land of reggae music no dance cyah keep/ As the sound tun on/ You get raid from police/ Don’t lock it off dem wah kick out yuh teeth, So wat happen to freedom of speech.

“Too Hard Now” was produced by Irie Vibration out of Austria and Anthony Bs label Born Fire Music. Set to release on 9/11 Anthony B is currently scheduled to take his voice to the media and airwaves.


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