AUDIO: Buju Banton – Set Up The Mic

Buju Banton release his first track since his incarceration titled “Set Up The Mic.”

The Mr. G-produced single was recorded three years ago on the Rapid Burst Riddim on Young Bloods Records label.

Mr. G said the track started out as an on-the-spot freestyle while Buju Banton waited for the engineer to fix the levels at the start of a studio session. The engineer happened to press record and captured the deejay raw talent of spitting lyrics on the spot.

“I always told people I have a song that I think is one of the baddest Buju tracks, but he was just freestyling,” said Mr. G. “The thing about this song, it’s got a happy, playful kinda energy. The world will appreciate and love hearing Buju again, banging as the great Buju Banton. Although it’s a freestyle, if I don’t tell people it’s a freestyle, they would never know it.”

The track is featured on the compilation album, Certified Boomshots Vol. 1.

Listen track below.

Purchase on iTune here.


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