Autarchii – Black Beauty Movie

The young Roots Reggae artiste Autarchii is currently making preparations to release his sophomore studio album in summer 2020. After releasing ‘2000 Years’ ft Big Youth (a song that was originally done by his father Donovan Joseph in the 1980s), he has now followed up with a musical movie for ‘Black Beauty’, which is one of the lead songs for his upcoming album. ‘Black Beauty’ is written by Autarchii and produced by Alphanso Henclewood of Montego Records.

This release is now available digitally across all platforms. The music movie was directed and edited by Quest Media in Jamaica. Black Beauty is more than just a song, it is rather an allegory of African love, the love that the eurocentric media likes to hide. This song highlights the powers of a woman with melanin, the more she embraces her African identity the more attractive she becomes. The ultimate aim is to unite the African family leading to true empowerment. Since returning from his Fall 2019 tour of Kenya, Autarchii has been even more connected to the land of his ancestors, making ‘black beauty’ a true homage.