BeneluXXL Reggae Contest 2014

Reggae Talent Xplosion

The Benelux Reggae Contest always strived for the best quality and doesn’t like to stand still. Because of this it was made possible for Reggae bands & MC’s of the bordering regions in France and Germany to participate in the 2013 edition. After a positive evaluation, getting lots of positive critics and because we were satisfied with the way things went, they decided to continue opening the contest for Reggae bands & MC’s of France and Germany. However, now the name Benelux Reggae Contest isn’t an appropriate one anymore.

So … They decided to run the 2014 edition under the name of BeneluXXL Reggae Contest and to add the caption “Reggae Talent Xplosion”. This caption will be the official name for any future (and more international) projects which we will try to put on.

Other major changes can be found in their prize package, with lots of new partners. Feest in het Park (Oudenaarde, B), Smile – Antwerp Reggae festival (Antwerp, B), Reggae Central (Dordrecht, NL), Lost Ark Music, RDBLCK Artist Agency, Neverty, and DaMusic webzine will strengthen our team. Furthermore, JH De Bogaard (Geel, B) will provide some stage time to the runner up of the Band-contest on their annual Reggae Geel Lift-off Party. If this isn’t enough to convince you to register, read these few words of our previous winners:

“It’s free publicity for your band, lots of people check out your music and of course there’s an opportunity to reach the final. … It’s really rewarding to see the progress that we made over this last year.” (Wahwahsda, Winner BRC 2011)

“By winning the 2012 edition of the contest, we met a turning point with Sunrockers, for it enabled us, not only to play at most of the major summer reggae events in the Benelux, but also to launch what we hope will be a promising future! … Long live the Benelux Reggae Contest!” (Sunrockers, Winner BRC 2012)

“… We had never even dreamed of winning the BRC. It was a thrilling final as each band was definitely a worthy contestant in the live-final. Winning the Contest was followed by a summer full of nice festivals, promotions, other prizes, in short, anything you’re looking for as a band was offered to us.” (Iron Ites, Winner BRC 2013)

Another proof that entering the competition is not only a great experience for every band/MC but also a real boost for your musical career.

Who can enter the contest?
The BeneluXXL Reggae Contest is open to all artists residing in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Germany and France. All information about how to register can be found on their website

All Live bands playing the following genres are accepted for the BAND-contest: reggae, dub, original ska, rocksteady, ragga, dancehall, afro-reggae, samba-reggae and reggae-latino. Only original songs are eligible, no covers will be accepted, nor versions of pre-existing riddims.

After the successful first edition of 2013 there will be a next MC-contest. All MC’s (deejay, singjay or singer) who bring their own lyrics on a roots reggae, ska, dub or dancehall riddim, can enter this MC-contest.

For both contests lyrics promoting violence or discrimination of any kind will be rejected.

Registration for the BeneluXXL Reggae Contest 2013 is free and will be possible from 1st December onwards and has to be done via our website Closing date for registration is 18th January. Applications sent after this date will not be considered.

What to win?
The winner of Band Contest will receive a package of great prizes. Here’s the (provisional) list for the 2014 edition:

Concerts at Reggae Geel Festival (Geel, B), Feest in het Park (Oudenaarde, B), Future Reggae Ruigoord Festival, (Amsterdam, NL), Rastaplas Festival (Zoetermeer, NL), Zwarte Cross Festival (Lichtenvoorde, NL), Kokopelli festival (Gullegem, B),  Smile – Antwerp reggae Festival (Antwerp, B), Democrazy (Ghent, B), Petrol (Antwerp, B), Vk* (Brussels, B) Reggae Central (Dordrecht, NL) & Mekitburn Festival (Vilvoorde, B, TBC). To top this of there are several kinds of professional support (recording time, management, CD-printing) offered by Black Star Foundation, Lost Ark Music, Skinfama Agency, RDBLCK Artist Agency, DubShelter Recordings & Marley’s Mellow Mood and there will be media-coverage at,, DaMusic Webzine and 22tracks. Furthermore Neverty will design an exclusive merchandising shirt in consultation with the winner.

The winner of the MC-contest awaits concerts at Reggae Geel, Smile – Antwerp Reggae Festival, Mekitburn and Reggae Central. Furthermore there will be professional support (recording, management, media attention)  by RDBLCK Artist Agency, Black Star Foundation, Lost Ark Music, DubShelter Recordings,, and 22tracks.

Additional info on the Benelux Reggae Contest, rules of the contest and our prize package can be found on

You can enter the contest till 18th January.


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