Reggae artiste Buju Banton leaving his hotel for court this morning, together with his manager Traci McGregor. (Photo: Paul Henry, Jamaica Observer)

Buju trial: Jurors take a break

TAMPA, USA — 12 member panel of jurors have taken a break from deliberating the fate of Jamaican Reggae artiste Buju Banton.

The jurors have been sequestered since 9:37 this morning since Judge Jim Moody handed the case over to them. They had asked to see the gun and drugs for which Banton has been charged.

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Jurors retire to deliberate Buju’s fate

TAMPA, USA – Moments after a panel of 12 jurors retired to deliberate the fate of Grammy-winning Reggae star Buju Banton, Attorney David Markus said the artiste was optimistic.

“We are trying to stay optimistic,” said Markus when asked by the Observer the mood of his client.

At 9:37 this morning Judge Jim Moody handed over the case to the jurors after spending more than an-half-hour addressing them on the law in relation to the charges against Banton.



I am very ashamed

Jamaican Reggae artiste Buju Banton took the witness stand this afternoon and testified that he was not a drug dealer and that he was very ashamed of his behaviour.

“I’m very ashamed of myself for acting in that manner. I feel like I’m getting a public flogging because I should not do it,” Banton said.

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Witness says Buju is a boaster

TAMPA, USA — AS the Buju Banton defence opened its case independent documentary maker, Stephanie Black, was called to the stand today. Black told the US Sam Gibbons Federal Court here that she knew Buju Banton for 16 years and that he never dealt drugs, as far as she was aware.

In her brief examination in chief and cross-examination, she said Banton never lied to her and that she knew him to be a boaster, like most Jamaicans.

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Informant said he never dealt drugs with Buju

FLORIDA, United States — Prosecution witness in the Buju Banton drug trial Alexander Johnson, testified today that he never made any drug deal with the Reggae artiste on December 8, 2009 when Banton was videotaped tasting cocaine in an undercover warehouse.

Johnson said under under continued cross-examination by defence attorney David Markus that it was Ian Thomas that he brokered a deal with and that it was Thomas who found the buyers for the cocaine for which the men were arrested.

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