Canadian Jarred Tattoos the World A Reggae Logo on his arm

We think if someone takes the pain to tattoo your companies logo on his/her arm, then thats one of the biggest compliments you can get for your brand… right?
Well, thats exactly what Jarred Nagle (26) from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada did. First of all we need to say, we are proud of this. Period!

Last year June (2011) we received an e-mail from Jarred, where he asked us for the logo on his arm. At that point we thought: “Yeah Right! Is he really going to do that?” So we sent Jarred the black and white copy of our logo. Now, 9 months later, Jarred kept his word and took the pain to engrave the World A Reggae lion on his arm. Allthough Jarred took the freedom to give the lion a new crown and let him grow some more locks, its still our lion. And again we are proud of that.

Big Ups to Jarred! We need to see that tat in real some day!


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