Cen’C Love Gives Fans a Look Behind The Scenes!

Cen’C Love’s fans admire the artist because of her original fusing of the Reggae and Jazz genres. Fans also know her because of her music production which incorporates her distinct sound. Thanks to the video ‘Home Again,’ fans get to share more of Cen’C’s essence as they’re included in an exclusive behind the scenes look at Cen’C and her move back to Jamaica from Atlanta!

Shot by her brother Asadenaki, the video begins with documentary style commentary that describes Cen’C as an ‘enigma.’ The term quickly unfolds as viewers experience Cen’C in layers, beginning with the theatrical side where she emerges from a rock on one of Jamaica’s beautiful beaches holding a spear, much like the spear ancestral Africans used while hunting.

From that scene, viewers are moved to an opening shot of a lush coconut tree, Cen’C in a bikini on the beach, and shopping at some of Kingston’s signature boutiques all while the melody of the Cen’C’s newest single with Capleton, “Stand Firm” plays in the background. The visual then fades into Cen’C’s rehearsal for her spring performance at Plug n Play held at Jonkanoo Lounge in New Kingston. Giving her back-up singers direction, Cen’C can be seen tweaking the performance in detail, exposing the time and care she puts into each presentation. “My performances are an extension of me,” said the artist off camera, “so it’s important that every last detail is made right.”

Switching gears again, Cen’C is seen as host of Hype TV’s Top 10 countdown show ‘VTX,’ where she can be heard singing a few bars Acapella for her hit song, “Casanova” in front of her family home in Washington Gardens (Jamaica). Making the experience even sweeter, Cen’C interviews her Father, the legendary Bunny Wailer, where the legend introduces the #6 video (for that week), “Cystem” performed by his daughter and featuring his son, Asadenaki.

Reaching a high at the 5 minute marker, viewers are treated to a view of Cen’C’s performance at Reggae Sumfest 2011 from the stage to the audience as opposed to the audience to the stage as is the common practice. “By changing the view to a stage to audience perspective, we’re able to show a little of what Cen’C sees as a performer which gives fans the ultimate look through her eyes” said brother and video director Asadenaki.

“Home Again” is a Lyvestone Media Production and is available for fans to see online at Cen’C Love’s YouTube Channel: CenCLoveMusic. Fans can also view the video by clicking on the YouTube screen shot below!

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