Christopher Martin Clears The Air On Vehicle Seizure

Entertainer Christopher Martin has moved to dispel any misconceptions about the recent seizure of his vehicle by law enforcement personnel from the Major Crimes and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA) and the Revenue Protection Division (RPD).

Martin’s vehicle was one of several seized as the law enforcement agencies conducted what they said was a crackdown on illegally imported luxury vehicles. The singer’s BMW X5 was among the vehicles seized but Martin, who is nearing the release of his latest album ‘Stepping Razor’, has said he is an innocent consumer caught up in an unfortunate situation.

About two years ago, Martin saw the pre-owned vehicle on the lot of a certified used-car dealer, made inquiries and purchased the vehicle. He was not aware that there may have been anything ‘wrong’ with the vehicle when he made the purchase. He said he is in possession of the relevant documentation to substantiate his claims.

Martin, who was in possession of the vehicle at the time it was seized by the authorities, insists that he has never been implicated of any wrongdoing by  MOCA or the RPD and has been cooperating with them as best as he possibly can. He met with them recently in the presence of his attorney. The singer is hoping that there will be a mutually satisfactory outcome to the situation.

In the meantime, Martin remains focused on the upcoming release of his first studio album that will be released on the VP Records label. The 27-year-old singer signed a multi-album deal with the label last summer. He is also due to make his movie debut this summer in Destiny, a Jeremy Whittaker film in which he plays a major role alongside Canadian-based singer, the beautiful Kerian Sang.

Martin also plans on fulfilling his obligations performing at a number of shows at various venues in Europe, the United Kingdom, in Africa and Los Angeles among others. He has also been getting into shape by working out with the fastest man in history, his friend Usain Bolt. Martin believes his improved fitness will be critical as he prepares for a very physically demanding summer.

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