Christopher Martin Five Weeks Tour Ends in New York City

International Young, Hip and Soulful reggae crooner Christopher Martin returns home to Jamaica after his five weeks tour, which ended on April 24 at Hot 97 Who’s Next in SOBs NYC.

Christopher Martin tour started in late March where he embarked on a solid three weeks European tour.  The tour kicked off in Melkweg, Amsterdam. During the opening minutes of the concert the piercing screams of the ladies, definitely proved that Christopher Martin’s brand of love songs have hit their intended mark.

Christopher Martin took the audience through a musical journey during each performance and the crowd demanded more each time. The young, hip and soulful crooner had the audience in the palm of his hand and melted the heart of many woman as he gave them his rendition of Marvin Gay “Let’s Get it On”. Yet, to no surprise some of the crowds favorite were Cheaters Prayer, Paper Loving, Mama, What can I Do, Mi Fren Dem and a host of songs, which made us realize that Christopher martins fan base is truly enormous.

“I love to perform in Europe, my fans are just truly amazing. When performing in Europe I get the opportunity to sing some songs, which I don’t normally sing and I love it. The shows were all great many sold out shows and to know that I’ve grown to headline a tour by myself is a great feeling and accomplishment” says Christopher Martin.

Christopher Martin’s European tour ended on April 13th in Mannheim, Germany and then he was off to Canada. As the ladies swooned, the singer delivered his stable of hits to a packed house at LG night club in Toronto, Canada. Chris got the crowd going from the second he came on the stage, it is just brilliant how he brings out his personality in front of such a huge crowd! He satisfied the Toronto crowd throughout his entire performance with the crowd not wanting his performance to end.  He was now off to New York City to Co-Headline the world renown Hot97 Who’s Next show.

On April 24, Christopher Martin completed his five weeks tour at  Hot97 Who’s Next. He entered SOBs and became a part of history as he performed for Hot97 Who’s Next, which has also showcased Drake, Movado, J.Cole, Konshens, B.O.B and Elephant Man just to name a few. The crooner’s casual and comfortable stage presence was reflected in both his outfit and his personality. Dressed dapper in his white blazer and tangerine colored slacks with an inside t-shirt printed “I’m Finally Famous”, we totally agree with that statement.

Check out our interview we had with Christopher Martin after his performance at Melkweg, Amsterdam (NL)


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