Closed | Get a chance to win a Dread & Alive Combo Pack

This contest is closed, all winners received an e-mail about winning the Combopacks.

We already mentioned it a few weeks ago, World A Reggae teamed up with Nicholas Da Silva, creator of the comic Dread & Alive for a wicked contest that lasts for 8 weeks! By joining the contest you have the chance to win a combo pack of the Dread & Alive series signed by Nicholas Da Silva. The combo pack contains the 5 released issues of Dread & Alive plus the latest Dread & Alive “Lost Tapes” Album.


These months, April and May, we are gonna ask you 4 questions in 8 weeks, that makes… 1 question in two weeks. Every two weeks one winner will be picked and this winner receives the signed combo Pack. The questions will be about, abviously, the comic Dread & Alive.


Thats easy, just go to the Dread & Alive contact page and fill in your name and e-mail, plus choose “WorldAReggae” at the ‘Regarding’-pulldown (you can fill in the answers here too if u wish). When u have signed up here click the Facebook icon and ‘Like’ Dread & Alive. Now you are all set to go! (Oh and don’t forget to “Like” WorldAReggae too while u are here or on Facebook!).


In the Dread & Alive Comic there is an evil character that has been banished from the Maroon village because of misusing his mystical arts. What is the real name of this Evil Villain?


What is the name of the secret language that the Jamaican Maroons speak amongst themselves.


What day of the week was Cuffee born on? The answer can, again be found on the Dread & Alive Website.


The sacred amulet of the Jamaican Maroons shows the image of the Conquering Lion of Judah on one side. What image appears on the other side? Again, the answer can be found on the Dread & Alive Website.

Good luck with this last question!

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