Early-bird presales for Rototom 2012 has started

Early-bird presales for Rototom 2012 has started with 7-day tickets at the special price of 120 Euro until January 10th.
This year presales include the new “Reggae Gift” promotion: it is now possible to give a ticket with a custom digital postcard.

Benicàssim | Thursday 15 December 2011

Rototom Sunsplash 2012 gets started today, Thursday 15 December. During early bird presales 7-day tickets are available for the special price of 120 Euro. The festival will take place in the concert area of Benicassim from 16th to 22nd of August 2012. A free entry opening reggae party will be thrown in the city centre on August 15th. This year presales also include a new promotion called “Reggae Gift”, that allows people to send a custom digital cards with the 7-day ticket to their loved ones.

The 120 Euro advanced booking offer will be available until Tuesday, January 10th 2012. Starting from Wednesday January 11th, the cost of the 7-day ticket for the 19th edition of Rototom Sunsplash will gradually increase to reach the final 175 Euro, which is the price at the door. Prices will increase as follows:

  • January 11th until March 10th: 140 €.
  • March 11th until May 10th: 150 €.
  • May 11th until July 10th: 160 €.
  • July 11th until August 10th: 170 €.
  • Price at the door: 175 €.

Camping fee for the whole duration of the festival is 35€ and it’s a flat rate; multi-day and single day entries will be put up for sale in the coming months.


This year Rototom is launching “Reggae Gift”, a new offer that allows fans to surprise their friends with an original gift, that can involve spending holidays together and sharing the ethos of the most important reggae festival in Europe. Be it during Christmas season or Epiphany, be it for a birthday or a special occasion, Rototom offers the possibility to send a custom digital card and a 7-day ticket for the 2012 Sunsplash as a gift. You may choose within a great variety of images and you may write your own message to go with the festival ticket.

More info: www.rototomsunsplash.com

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