Educate us – Omari Banks (Music Video)

Having traveled to all corners of the world in his professional cricketer career, Omari Banks has recognized a common human thread, albeit different cultures, or political beliefs, the renowned singer-songwriter has translated his observations and thoughts through socially conscious messages, reality of love and life lyrics.

On the heels of his last two poignant songs “Like A King” and “Nah Drop Out”, The prolific outspoken musician is delivering a humanitarian musical plea. Produced by Omari himself, co-arranged by world-class Jamaican bass player Michael Fletcher and the sounds of critically acclaimed Jamaican Saxophonist Dean Fraser, “Educate Us” delivers to all forefronts, from the melody to the lyrics, it will strike a chord to the soul of fans and music lovers.

Speaking on his latest release, Omari explained; “The song “Educate us” is a plea to our people, Governments and Religious institutions to look away from the mental conditioning of colonialism, slavery and over 500 years of indoctrination. I believe that our education should bring us to a place of awareness and a solid grasp of the realities of life. For too long we have been ignorant to who we are and have fought against ourselves while others run away with the spoils. A new day is dawning and with the proper education and perspective the future can be much brighter. “Educate us”

Proud of his latest offering, Omari has paired the single with stunning visuals in a video directed by MarzSimvisuals. Mindful of his lyrics, the reggae/rock/blues minstrel recognizes the importance in today’s climate of visuals, “The vision behind the video was to illustrate the many ways of how we are affected/conditioned to being subservient to a system that is catered to giving us the bare minimum.we are constantly fighting against our people, be it on social media, through religious indoctrination or our Government institutions.” explained Omari.

“Educate Us, cause all I see them doing is trying to misinform us, that’s from the Government down to the church, social media – we living in a world where it’s mostly propaganda.The youth dem don’t know who and what to trust…”

“Educate Us” will be available on all major streaming platforms and digital outlets on July, 2nd 2021