Eek-A-Mouse Deported from Paraguay to the US. Facing Major legal problems.

One of Jamaica’s most popular eighties reggae artistes, Eek-a-mouse, is facing major legal problems in the United States.

Best known for the single “A wha do dem” as well as his signature mimic of a mouse which earned him the moniker- Eek-a-mouse whose given name is  Ripton J.Hylton, is reportedly being deported from Paraguay to the US.

US law enforcement authorities say Eek-a-mouse will then face extradition to North Carolina on 4-year-old charges.
According to reports, Eek-a-mouse left the US sometime after his arrest on rape and narcotics charges in August of 2008.
He has maintained his innocence since his arrest, but in 2010, Hylton missed a court date in Dare County, North Carolina  after flight cancellations in Europe related to volcanic ash.

His lawyer said the absence was not intentional.  It was then reported that Superior Court Judge Jerry Tillett issued a warrant for Eek-a-mouse’s  arrest with a US$ 1 million bond for failure to appear.

Police said as of Thursday, the reggae artiste  was in custody awaiting extradition to North Carolina from Florida.According to investigators Eek-a-mouse was found in Paraguay  on November 21 without a proper visa.

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