Global Reggae Charts – Issue 5 // September 2017

The fifth issue of the Global Reggae Charts magazine is out. In this issue we feature Hempress Sativa, who is on the charts the fifth month in a row with her single ”Fight for your rights“ (#14 single charts). Additional entries on the charts are ”Rock it ina dance“ (#4 single charts) and her debut album ”Unconquerebel“ (#1 album charts in July). Featured voter is Karsten Frehe, who presents his show ”Forward the Bass“ at the multi-awarded German internet radio Byte FM.

On the single charts we face some changes in the top. Kabaka Pyramid – feature artist on the July issue – made it from #3 to #1 with ”Can’t Breathe“; and Samory I – last month’s feature artist – jumped back to the top from #15 to #2. At #3 we find the first new entry with ”Living Dread“ by Italian reggae star Alborosie. Further new entries we find at #6 from British veteran reggae band Capital Letters and at #15 from Pressure Busspipe (Virgin Islands). At #17 is Black Roots ”I Believe feat. Jah Garvey“, at #18 Dubmatix with Roll Dem feat. Gappy Ranks and at #19 Cornell Campbell with ”My Roots Girl“. At #20 we find three new entries, who entered all with the similar voting. So we share the place between Cookie the Herbalist feat. Lee Perry, Mungo’s Hifi feat. Eva Lazarus and Jesse Royal feat. Jo Mersa Marley.

The results at the album charts are a bit more expected. Chronixx and Samory I switched positions with Samory I – Black Gold now leading at #1. New entries are at the positions #8-#10. At #8 there is Alborosie with his new album ”Freedom in Dub“, sharing the place with Christos DC’s ”Tessera“. At #10 there is the last album by Illbilly Hitec called ”One Thing Leads to Another“.

The charts are online and can be found at Voter registration is now open as well. Visit the site for all the details.