Good Life – Cocoa Tea | Walshy Fire (Animated Music)

Originally produced and released by Fatis Burrell’s Xterminator label and distributed by VP Records in 1993, “Good Life” has become a reggae classic on a global scale. Drawing on the Heptones’ “Party Time” for its rhythmic foundation, Cocoa Tea crafted an inspirational love song that fit the spirit of the original riddim perfectly. It was the title track for his 1994 album, which also included the hits, “Tune In,” “She Loves Me Now,” and “Too Young.”

For the occasion of its inclusion on VP Records’ Walshy Fire – Riddimentary Selection, Good Life received an animation treatment from Jenille Brown (@roxeanne), Leo Rhule (@leorhule), and Kymani Gayle (@jahmani_art).

Major Lazer’s Walshy Fire felt very strongly about the track and rated it as his favorite on the 14-song Riddimentary Selection. He referred to it as an “eternally great song,” in an interview with, recalling its importance in an early relationship in his life. “Like when yuh have a girl and you a meck a mixtape and yuh a put bare love song pon it, dat was one of the love songs, but that to me was like the love song. Because we a struggle yuh nuh, so mi always tell her seh wi a guh work harder; wi a guh meck it and mi a guh meck sure seh yuh have a good life and dah song deh just wrapped up everything I was saying,” Walshy Fire told Dancehall Mag.