HELP Make The Peter Tosh Memorial Garden A National Historic Landmark

Peter Tosh is an indispensable part of Jamaican culture and was one of the most important ambassadors ever for Jamaican culture around the world. He was a revolutionary; he fought for what he believed in. He was an early, passionate advocate for the legalization of marijuana. He admonished his fans to “Get Up, Stand Up” and fight for equal rights. In 2013, the government honored Peter with a posthumous Order of Merit. Now, it’s time for the government to continue honoring Peter by recognizing his resting place as a National Historic Landmark in Jamaica.

The Peter Tosh Memorial Garden is in the town of Belmont, in the Parish of Westmoreland, along Jamaica’s southern coast. It is at the site of the home where Peter grew up. Having the site registered as a National Historic Landmark will help protect this historic and cultural site for future generations, and amplify Peter’s message.

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