I-Wayne Returns with Life Teaching

I Wayne, one of the top conscious roots reggae artists of this generation, is back with Life Teachings, his long-overdue album on VP Records, due October 11. With simplicity and grace, I Wayne’s angelic-tinged vocals flutter effortlessly across these 14 tracks filled with hair-raising lyrics and uncompromising conviction. The intricately-crafted album features organic rhythms rife with rugged basslines and one-drop drumbeats, produced mostly by Patrick Z. Henry, who is responsible for 11 of the album’s songs and I-Wayne’s breakthrough hit “Can’t Satisfy Her.”

On Life Teachings, I Wayne rejects materialism (“Wise and Fearless”), predicts the imminent downfall of Babylon (“Burn Down Sodom”), rails against the violence associated with “Drug and Rum Vibes” and successfully ventures into dancehall terrain with “The Fire Song” featuring Assassin (a.k.a. Agent Sasco). Understanding the significance of creating a balance in life as well as in music, several songs on “Life Teachings” display a romantic sensitivity not often seen from I Wayne. “The Nile”, “Empress Divine”, “I Care For You” and “Life Service” each extol women who uphold natural livity (lifestyle). “Life Joy,” produced by Marcus “Icus” Deacon, is a hit bound, sultry R&B flavored duet featuring popular Jamaican songstress Etana. The resplendent roots reggae gem, “Real and Clean” is I Wayne’s sweetly seductive declaration of love set to an irresistible one-drop beat.

Born Cliffroy Taylor, 32 years ago, the Kingston native, captivated fans in 2005 with his debut release Lava Ground and its trilogy of hits, “Can’t Satisfy Her,” “Living In Love” and “Lava Ground;” and in 2007 he released his second album Book Of Life, which also landed on Billboard’s Reggae chart. “Can’t Satisfy Her” is still considered one of the most captivating reggae tunes, which charted to no. 31 on Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and received heavy rotation at New York’s Hot 97 radio station.

However, this notoriety is not I Wayne’s driving force to make music. He never comprises his message for the sake of a hit record. “There is a preference for nastiness, positive artists don’t get their fair attention. But mi stay calm and remember nature was going on before any business start, so it is better I keep my focus and keep writing these songs, ” states I Wayne.

“Music is life teachings, so you just have to live on and share life’s joys and messages, simple as that,” he adds. Fans can expect to hear exactly that on Life Teachings.

Track Listing:
1. Burn Down Sodom
2. Real and Clean
3. Empress Divine
4. Pure As The Nile
5. Herb Fi Legalize
6. The Fire Song
7. Drugs and Rum Vibes
8. Wise and Fearless
9. Change Them Ways
10. Life Teachings (Ital Sipp’ns)
11. Life Joy Featuring Etana
12. Life Service
13. I Care For You
14. Do The Good

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