In Memoriam: Sebi a.k.a. Gitsy

After years of fighting against the terrible disease leukemia, our breda Sebi passed away on the 7th of September, at the age of 29. Besides an incredible personal loss it is also a great loss for our reggae community. Sebi was a wicked guitar player, a good musician who loved reggae with all his heart.

He has performed with many great artists, among them Richie Spice, Warrior King, Turbulence, Everton Blender, Black Prophet and Marcia Griffiths. We are pleased that, despite the loss, Sebi now suffers no more pain. May JahJah have his soul.

We wish his wife, family and friends incredibly much strength in these difficult times.

See here the unique marriage proposal during the show with Warrior King in Gent, Belgium.

Marcia Griffiths:

Everton Blender:

WorldaReggae Crew

We will never forget you…

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  1. Beautiful proposal! One Love, Rest In Peace!

    Flodderr / Reply

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