Interview: Ce'Cile

1. Greetings Ce’Cile. For the European reggae fans that do not who you are, please introduce yourself to the massive. Who is Ce’Cile and where do you come from?

Ce’Cile..Recording Artist from Jamaica, i specialize in Reggae and Dancehall but i do it all, I pretty much a crazy artist, so you gotto check out the music to hear all the sides to me.

2. In the reggae scene they call you “Bad Gyal”. Are you a bad gyal, why do they call you that?

Nah, that was from a song i did (i actually produced it) with myself and Elephant Man – called “Badgyal, BadMan”. The name kinda stuck, so I used it like an alter ego kinda vibe, my reggae stuff is a bit more tame than the dancehall stuff so it pretty much works.

3. You already recorded so many hitsongs. ‘Goody’, ‘Hot Like We’, ‘Can U Do di Wuk’, ‘So Fly’, ‘Anything’, all big tunes. Which of your tunes is your favorite and why?

‘Hot like we’ – its just such a song filled with vibe and you aint got to be able to speak Jamaican patois to handle it, anyone from anywhere can sing ‘Hot like we’, Hot like we (and they usually do) I also love “Can you do the work” with Sean Paul.

4. You performed all over the world. Which place do you like the most to perform? And why?

I love Germany and France, but i just came back from Africa and I’m in love with it…

5. You’ve been to Amsterdam, Holland a few times. Do you like it here?

I love everything Europe, im more of a Europe girl than say America, and I would definitely live in Europe (minus the cold)

6. Reggae and Dancehall are very populair in Europe. Do you like the vibes in Europe?

Tink i have already answered, lol, definitely, its a wonderful place, with some great vibes.

7. You performed at big reggae festivals in Europe. Which festival did you like the most? And why is that?

I love ALL the festivals, but i love Summerjam in Cologne, and German Splash, German Splash was the first festival I ever did in Europe so i have a special love for it.

8. Then about a hot item right now in Jamaica. The skinbleaching case. Can you tell me something about this? And what is your opinion about it?

I know absolutely nothing about this and i dont think its a hot topic, its hot with a certain class of people, but Jamaica is made up of a lot of classes and types of people, it may be hot because a superstar is doing it, i dont know, dont know nothing about it, and its not encouraged, i say love the skin you’re in, Remember i sang the song called “Coffee”.

9. Then about the Empress musicians in the Reggae and Dancehall scene. Why is it that most of the well known artists are men? There are so many  talented female artists like you, Etana, Lady Saw, Kris Kelli or Lisa Hyper, do you think there will be more successful women in the reggae / dancehall scene in the future?

Im not sure why, you have talented females in Jamaica but our culture really puts men above in most regards including music, we dont get the sane respect in anything, and some women dont know how to fight for that respect, my list of famous females would be quite different from yours ..I’d say Lady Saw, Tanya Stephens, Etana, CeCile, Queen Ifrica, Diana King.

10. If you can choose one artist who will absolutely make it in 2011, tell me who will that be? And why?

If you do music long enough you know this is not a question to answer unless you are sure, im not sure whose gonna make it, who isn’t already popular so id say look out for more stuff from Ce’Cile….

11. When can we expect Ce’Cile in Europe again?

I definitely will be touring this Summer!! And i shall be on Summer Jam in Germany.

12. Can we also expect some new tunes or an album coming from you in 2011?

I have a tong of new singles and we working on the album, look out!

13. Thanks for this interview. My last question, do you have something to say to the reggae massive all over the world?

Big up anyone that loves reggae, keep the fire burning… bless up for the interview.

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  1. very nice interview.. Big Up CeCile..looking Forward…
    Nice woman CeCile…..same list of women i would have chosen….Only Diana King i dont know.
    Raspekt fi dis interview Mr Sander Nesta…It must have been pleasure to interview this woman..
    Special woman inna de reggae /dancehall world.. I love her…

    lucky girl / Reply

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